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We try to get the maximum satisfaction of the customers in the field of drafting and reviewing contracts. We first receive the specific information of the customer's needs, prepare the desired draft and provide it to the customer. (Review) Then, upon receiving the customer's comments, we apply the desired modifications to the initial version of the contract and present the final version to the customer. Another advantage of Vindad's services in this field compared to legal institutions is ten-day contract support. This means that after receiving the final version of the contract, the customer can communicate with Vindad's legal advisors and experts for up to ten days and resolve his possible questions and doubts about the contract and its provisions.

Our support and sales teams are available to take your call at any time between 9:00am to 6:00 pm from Saturday to Wednesday.

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  • ​​Reduce costs and wasted time
  • Safe, fast & reliable solution
  • Security of Data & Communication
  • ​​Access anytime and anywhere

English contracts

Service Agreement

A service agreement is an agreement between a service provider and a client. It demonstrates the service to be performed and the obligations of each party in getting the work done and paid for.

Purchase Agreement / Sales agreement

A purchase agreement is a legally binding contract that clarifies the terms of a transaction and the conditions both parties shall adhere to or complete in order to finalize a prospective transaction. In other words, this contract spells out the terms on which the buyer agrees to purchase the goods and the seller agrees to sell them.

Nondisclosure Agreement

An NDA or non-disclosure agreement is an agreement between two or more parties in order to prevent one or all of the parties to share sensitive and confidential information with others.

Partnership Agreement

A Partnership Agreement is a contract between two or more business partners. This agreement outlines their rights, obligations, and profit and loss distribution. Furthermore, the Partnership agreement sets the general partnership rules, like withdrawals, capital contributions, and financial reporting.

Joint Venture Agreement

Joint venture agreements, also known as JV agreements, are contractual consortiums of two parties. They usually mean to join both parties' resources to reach a specific objective. The party benefit by receiving proportionately split profits and distributed ventures.

Property And Equipment Lease

The lease contract is used between two or more parties when a party owns a certain property (the lessor) and allows another party or parties (the lessee) to use the property for a specified period in exchange for regular payments.

General Employment Contract

An employment contract is a signed agreement between an individual employee, employer, or labor union. It sets both the rights and the responsibilities of the two parties: the worker and the employer.

Contractor Agreement

A Contractor Agreement is a legal contract that sets the scope, payment schedule, and deadlines for freelance work. Signed by both the contractor and the client, this agreement can help to set expectations and reduce the risk of conflicts.

Licensing Agreement

The term licensing agreement refers to a contract between two parties that outlines the responsibilities of the property owner to permit another party to use their brand, patent, trademark, or other related intellectual property rights.

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of understanding, also known as MOU, is an agreement that states each party's intentions to take action, conduct a business transaction, or form a new partnership. Based on the language used in this type of agreement, it may be binding or non-binding.


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Parinaz Namvar

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Excellent support and easy access to legal experts is one of the important advantages of Vindad Group, when we encountered problems, we had regular calls from the support team. Another important point is the prices of using Vindad legal services, which were very good and fair. This is very affordable for small companies and startups.

Hamidreza Rezaeian Mehr
Hamidreza Rezaeian Mehr
CEO of Vinotech

The prices of legal services are very reasonable for a year of legal support and the complete services they provide. The employed lawyer may not be specialized in all the fields and legal needs of the company, but in Vindad it is possible to have a special legal expert in every specialized field of business. One advantage while using Vindad's services was their support team, who handled follow-ups with compassion and responsibility.

Meysam Amini Bayat
Meysam Amini Bayat
CEO of Subkhoone

Since startups have different legal conditions than other businesses, and Vittinnet is no exception, we require legal advice on a regular basis for a variety of issues. We can save a lot of money and time by using Vindad team.

Behzad Rezaeifar
Financial Manager of Diba Group

The opinion of the company and all our colleagues who work with Vindad is completely positive. For example, a series of up-to-date and legal terms that have a significant impact on contracts and correspondence are very good for our team, and since we use the package, I think it is cost-effective, especially in concluding the drafting of the contract.

Reza Kia
Financial Manager of Pirad

The most important feature is that I have the peace of mind as a founder that I have a reliable and hardworking legal team by my side. Our legal problems were resolved in the shortest possible time by contacting the legal experts of Vindad Group.

Argam Vartani
Founder of Farplastco

After using Vindad’s legal services, we made relatively good progress in the whole collection, the most significant advantage of Vindad for us was the use of diverse, specialized and professional services at a very reasonable cost.

Mohammad Tavana
Mohammad Tavana
CEO of Sorin Mehr Tavan

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In addition to the writtenness of the agreements, it will prevent possible disputes.

By completing the checklist sent by the legal team, you will receive a contract fully suited to your legal needs.

No, any contract draft within the framework of the law will have legal validity.

The contract will be draft by a team of lawyers and experts in Vindad.

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